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WordPress + Web Development

From WordPress to creating a full on-line campaign, Glow DM gets you there smarter and faster.

Identity, Branding & Design

“Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.” – Steve Jobs

TurnKey Services

We offer turnkey delivery and an excellent support infrastructure during and after the build phase.

Services That Matter

All your digital needs in one place.

Content & Social

Social media success is about developing an ongoing relationship with your audience. Don’t have time to manage your social media? Let us manage it for you! We will keep your audience engaged.

Why bother with social media?

Social media is one of the most important ways to amplify what you’re sharing on your own site. If you have any doubt about where people are spending their time, catch a bus. Look around. The majority of people will have earphones in, and will be interacting with their phone or tablet.

WordPress Development

With a CMS capable website, your site will have endless possibilities. These websites are created with both functionality and design in mind, also you will have the ability to manage and update all content.

We Build your business not just a WEBSITE!

Glow Digital Marketing uses open source web analytics that will give you valuable insight into your website’s visitors! This will enable you to optimize your strategy and online experience of your visitors.


We take pride in offering fantastic WordPress support. We go out of our way to earn your business every month. We’re happy to be your personal WordPress concierge. Consider us your digital partner.

Concierge Services

Our support is our biggest advantage. When you work with us you’ll get speedy WordPress support and we’ll always exceed your expectations.

Strategy & Ideation

This process creates compelling ideas consumers respond to with enthusiasm & convictions. This includes both a logical & emotional component.

A Clear Comprehensive Plan

A solid plan will ensure delivery of the results you want, plus ideas and solutions that you may not have been aware of before.


Emotionally connecting consumers to brands by visually designing and driving brand equity into their experience.

The Human Experience

Your brand is the core image of your business which defines how people think and feel about your business.

Graphic Design

Design shapes perceptions and engages emotions through visuals while supporting your content and enhancing your story.

Your Creative Partner

As your creative partner, it is our job to bring your business and brand to life. This is easily achieved with well executed designs that tell your story, captures your brand essence and overall supports your message giving you the visual competitive edge.

We Make Your life Easier

We Monitor The Now & See The Future

We strive to help businesses look forward to future growth and expansion by providing an unforgettable presence in the market.

TurnKey Services

To beat your competitors and to be leaders in your industry, it’s vital to have a modern website.

Rocket Fast Response

Life is too busy not to have digital concierge service.

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